Story of M.

The Inspiration

Alright boys, girls, and non-conforming pearls: this is the one place on this site where I get to be narcissistic so just sit back in your chair and let me take you on a weird trip.

The idea for this beautiful creation (the website, not myself) came when I was in the middle of writing yet another fanfic.

How nice would it be, I thought, if I could make this my full-time job?

The realist in me screams that it is impossible. The pessimist tells me I am not talented enough. The optimist gently takes me by the hand and tries to lead me to safer waters.

But the fan in me? That Queen tells me that my passion for this work may just help me pull this off. After all, there is nothing I love more than creating content around the fandoms we all love so much.

But I’ve got cats to feed and food that I need. So M. Grace is my attempt at living my dream (honestly, if I pull this off I will never ever stop talking about it).

The North Shore

The Autobiography

I’m just a simple queer living in North Dakota. Do I hate it? Yes.

I’ve lived in a few places, but I grew up in Northern Minnesota and spent my college years in the breathtaking city of Duluth. That city speaks to my soul unlike any other place I’ve ever been. The imposing hills, violent waters, and vibrant trees… the landscape is art and I it’s patient admirer.

Met Cloisters N.Y.

But life goes on kiddos. I was offered a job in Fargo, North Dakota. It was everything I ever wanted: a writer for a nonprofit. So I moved here, adopted some kitties, and have learned (am learning) to love this strange, Minecraft SuperFlat world I find myself trapped in.

Fargo Flood Plain

I enjoy Tumblr (you will never find my account… I am ashamed), reading and writing fanfiction, leaving aggressively long comments on other author’s fics telling them how much I love them and everything they do, geocaching, cat costumes, people costumes, Pride planning, the Simpsons, etc.


Do you like any of these things? Are you over 22? Heeeey gurl: drop me a email.

The Plan

Do I feel like Tom and Entertainment 7/20 whenever I try to describe my vision for this site? A little bit, but lets press on.

M. Grace will be a place for me to create fanfiction, cover all the drama happening in the world that concerns the fandom, and connect with my readers in a more meaningful way. Once a week I will publish an article, and one new fanfiction. Also, I will keep readers updated on the creation of my novel: A Sherlock Holmes Tale of Deep Dark Intrigue (Also Murder).


I want to involve you in the creative process. Writing is so much work, and in the end I write content in the hopes that it will be treasured by someone. Through polls, your emails, and discussions in the comment sections, I’d like to discover what we want to see from our fanworks, and where the future of this medium is heading.

Of course there are some things that I hold dear which will be evident in everything I write: my stories will be queer inclusive, trans inclusive, and will pass the freaking Bechtel Test.

There are so many things I have planned for this site. Check back, and I promise you will not be disappointed.


Unless you are a muggle.

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