Writing Contest

Boys, girls, and nonconforming pearls:

This writing contest is open to all fanfiction enthusiasts.

Some guidelines? Sure.

  • Due: July 16th, 2019
  • 5,000 words or less.
  • Focus on originality, character development, and overall vibe. Stay true to yourself!
  • Sherlock fanfiction. Any ship.

Winner announced on July 20th, 2019.

Artwork is a welcome accompaniment, but will not affect results.

The winner of this contest will receive a $20 donation in their name to the charity of their choice. If they don’t have one in mind, the default charity will be the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center of Fargo-Moorhead. Certification of donation will be provided.

Additionally, they will receive the publication of their work on this site (authors maintain all rights to everything), a profile with links to their content, an award certificate, a series of social media posts, and unlimited bragging rights.

To Enter:

We have a few options here. You can:

  1. Email me your submissions at author.m.grace@gmail.com. If you put ‘Writing Contest’ in the subject line I will snail-mail you a huffalump and name my first hamster after you <3.
  2. Fill out the Contact form below!
  3. Enter your work on my AO3 account by clicking the image below.

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Copyright M. Grace – All rights reserved

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